The Companions of Hell

بدست • 16 آگوست 2013 • دسته: Articles

In Verse 81 Chapter 2 – the Heifer – God says, “Whoever commits sins and his sins surround (enclose) him, they will be occupants of the fire (of hell) and will remain in there forever. “ God is answering to those who say,” The fire (of hell) will only touch us for a few days.” In Chapter 39 – The Crowd Verse 32 He says, “Who is more wrong than one lies against God and denies the truth when it comes to him? Is there not a place in hell for the disbelievers? “  and in Verse 68 Chapter 29 – The Spider – He says,” Who is more wrong  than one who makes up a lie and attribute it to God or denies the truth when it comes to him? Is there not a place in hell for the disbelievers?”

Those who are familiar with Quran know well the kind of lies that have been said under the name of interpretation of Quran and Allah. They also know that when clear Verses of Quran are presented to those who claim to be religious they deny them only because the Verses are different from what they believe and their environment. In Verse 74 Chapter 20 – Ta Ha –   He says,” Whoever comes guilty to his Lord, then hell is for him, in there he will not die in there nor will he live.” In Verse 74 Chapter 43 – Gold Adornment – He says,” And the guilty will remain in the punishment of hell forever.” In Verse 23 Chapter 72 – The Spirits – He says, ”Whoever disobeys God and His messenger, then indeed fire of hell is for him, remaining in it forever.” Verse 115 Chapter 4 – The Women – says,”  Anyone who opposes the messenger after the guidance has become clear to him and follows other than the believers’ way, We will turn him to what he has turned to and enter (and burn) him into hell, and it is a bad place (of return).” Verses 92 and 93 Chapter 4 – The Women – say,” It is not for a believer to kill a believer except by mistake…And whoever kills a believer intentionally, then his punishment is hell remaining in there forever, and will have God’s anger and curse upon him and a great punishment is prepared for him.”  There are so many believers who have killed another believer, due to anger or because were manipulated by other people, just because of not knowing this Verse.

Verses 138 & 139 Chapter 4 – The Women – says,” Give news to the hypocrites that there is indeed a painful punishment for them, those who took the disbelievers as protectors instead of believers. Are they looking for honor (and glory) through them? All the honor (and glory) belong God.” Because if alleged Moslems were true Moslems and according to the Allah’s order were united and ready to help each other, they certainly would achieve honor and glory. Because Verse 105 Chapter 3 – Al Imran – says,” Do not be like those who divided and disagreed” And Verse 2 Chapter 5 – The Table Spread – says, ”Cooperate based on goodness and self-control and do not cooperate based on sin and enmity.” If one billion and six hundred million alleged Moslems were true Moslems and united could any enemy attack them and loot their wealth and take their lives for nothing? Or their rulers had to be cliental of super powers in order to keep their positions? Definitely NOT. Honor and Glory is from Allah. Verse 140 Chapter 4 – The Women – says,” And He has sent down to you in the book that if you hear the signs of God are denied or ridiculed, do not sit with them until they engage in another conversation. If you do not, you are like them. God is gatherer of all hypocrites and disbelievers in hell.” Verse 63 Chapter 9 – Repentance – says, ”Did they not know that whoever opposes God and His messenger, then fire of hell is for him remaining in there forever? This is a great humiliation.”  When Satan in Verses 39 and 40 Chapter 15– The Rocky Tract – says, “I will make them all go wrong, except your devoted servants”, then God says to Satan in Verses 42 and 43 ”You have no authority (power) over My servants, except anyone who follows you among those deceived. And hell is the promised place for all of them.” And in Verse 18 Chapter 7 – The Heights – He says to Satan,” Get out of here disgraced and banished, surely whoever follows you, I will fill hell with all of you.” Verse18 Chapter 13 – The Thunder – says,” For those who answered (accepted) their Lord’s call is the good (reward), while those who did not answer Him, if they had twice as much as all that is in the earth, they would offer it to save themselves. For them there will be bad accountability, and their housing is hell, and it is a bad resting place.” Verse24 to 26 Chapter 50 – Qaf – says,” Throw into hell all stubborn disbelievers, who prevented from the good, exceeded the limits, and had doubts, he who sets up another god with God, therefore throw him into the severe punishment. Verse 60 Chapter 39 – The Crowds – says,” And in the Day of Resurrection you will see the face of those who lied about God are blackened. Is there not a place in hell for the arrogant?    ” Verses 168 & 169 Chapter 4 – The Women – says,” Those who disbelieve and do wrong, God will not forgive them nor guides them in any way, except the way of hell, in which they will remain in there forever. And this is easy for God.” Verse 16 Chapter 8 – The Spoils of War – about the worriers who are in the battle ground says, ”Anyone who turns his back on them (and flee) on such a day, except to return back to the fight (as part of the strategy) or to retreat to join other troops, has incurred the anger of God and his place will be hell and a bad final return (destination).” Verses 204 to 206 Chapter 2 – The Heifer – Say,” And among people some amaze you with his word about this world’s life, and he calls God to witness what is in his heart, yet he is the most determined enemy. When he gains authority (or turns around), he tries to spread corruption on the earth and destroys crops and lives. God does not like the corruption. And when he is told to be cautious of God, the power (and glory) takes him to more sins. Hell is enough for him; it (hell) is a bad resting place.”

These are the ones whose place is in hell and a true Moslem tries not to fall among these kinds of people.

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