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God wants that there be no poverty, hunger, and needy person in the world and nobody goes to bed hungry. By need I mean the real necessities to sustain the life, otherwise human wants are extended to infinity. The real means of life include air, water, food, clothing, lodging, spouse, safety and security. These are what every creature needs to continue to live except clothing and lodging. Because animal’s skin is their clothing and few animals need lodging while most of nests are to secure the growth of the off-springs.

In (9, Repentance – 60) God says,”(Mandatory) Charities are for the poor, the needy, the officials administering them, those whose hearts have been accepting (the submission), (freeing) slaves, those in debt, in God’s way, and the travelers (in need).” And in (59, The Gathering – 8) says,”And (spoils of a war with no fighting) for the poor immigrants, those who were driven away from their homeland and their possessions,” Spoils of the war that is also mentioned in verses 6 and 7 of the same chapter means what is earned without fighting. In (2, The Heifer – 273) says,”(Charity) is for the poor who are restricted in God’s way and cannot afford to travel, but the ignorant assume that they are rich (without any needs) because of their self respect. You will know them by their appearance (look), and they do not ask (beg) people insistently. And whatever good things you spend, God knows about it.” This is spending for the God’s sake. Beginning (2, The Heifer – 261) up to here God is referring to giving. Giving, spending, charity, certain rights, and zakat are all the same but from different view points.   (2, The Heifer – 271) says,”It is good if you openly give to charity, but it is better for you if you hide it and give it to the poor, and it will cover some of your sins for you. God is well aware of what you do.” Because (2, The Heifer – 264) is about those whose intention for giving is  hypocrisy and they give so that other people see and admire them.

(47, The Prophet – 38) says,”Here you are, those who are called (invited) to spend in God’s way, but some among you are stingy. Whoever is stingy is indeed stingy against himself. And God is rich (without any need) and you are poor (needy). And if you turn back, He will replace you with other people that they will not be like you.”and (3, Al, Imran – 181) says,”God heard the words of those saying: God is poor and we are rich (without needs). We are going to write down what they said and that they killed the prophets wrongfully, and We will say: taste the burning punishment.” and (35, The Originator of Creation -15) says,”People, you are in need of God, and God is the rich (has no need) and the praiseworthy.” Because God who has created the universe with all its bewildering greatness and has the power to create another one like that is not in need of people like you but it is you who are from head to tows in all kind of needs and are servants of your lusts and desires. It is you who need to make a pure world in order to be safe and secure from thieves and disarrays,  and think of those deprived in the society and help them until there is no hunger in the society and until they do not attempt theft and violence due to their poor situations. It is you who, in order to get rid of the expenses of thousands of policemen and expenses of criminals jail time and whole justice system, are in need of care for those deprived in your society. Yes, if you think, you will find out that it is you who in order to be safe and secure have to be thoughtful and caring and giving to those needy and hungry people (the Poor) in your society.

(2, The Heifer – 268) says,”Satan promises (threatens) you with poverty and instructs you to indecency, while God promises you forgiveness and grace from Him. God is bountiful (ample giving) and knowledgeable.” For soundness of society and to make a safe and strong world and sustenance of the family and elimination of adultery and sexual deviations and violent rapes in (24, The Light – 32) God says,”And marry off the singles among you and the righteous among your male and female slaves. If they are poor, God will enrich them with His grace. God is bountiful (ample giving) and knowledgeable.” We know that in the past there used to be slaves and today replaced with maids and servants. In this Verse we notice that God is not saying to the singles (those who are not married) to marry but orders to the fathers and mothers and the Islamic society to arrange marriage for them. Because sensuality and lust exist in all the living creatures so, to make a safe world it has to be arranged that all singles can offered marriage and there left no singles and at the same time prevent sexual temptations as much as possible. Notice that God says do not be afraid of them being poor,” Allah will give them means out of his grace.” Because when someone has the responsibility of his family he will fine in any event a job to fulfill his duty. And when everybody is aware and alert of the needy people in the society they will create jobs with their investments.

In (22, The Pilgrimage – 28) God say about the sacrifice meat,”so eat from them and feed the suffering (and unfortunate) poor.” and in (4, The Women – 6) says,”Check the orphans until they reach the age of marriage, then if you find (notice?????) maturity in them (they have sound judgment), then give their properties back to them, and do not consume it excessively and in a hurry because they are growing up. Anyone who is rich (without needs) should forgive his wages, but if he is poor then he can reasonably consume from it. And when you return their properties to them, take witness upon them. And God is enough for accountability.”

Imam Ali in Sayings number 311 or 319 advises to his son Mohammed ibn Hanafieh,” My son, I’m concern if you get poor. Refuge to Allah of getting poor, because being poor results in losing faith, getting distressed and feeling enmity.”

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